The MBA, a whole 1 history of unlimited growth

The MBA, a whole 1 history of unlimited growth, since time immemorial the human species has found ways to do business, to exchange, to give value to its own resources and natural resources for their use, to enhance the strength of labor to obtain a profit, or an improvement in the quality of life.

Some very ancient societies such as the primitive ones, used pebbles, seashells or seeds from trees as coins, and in remote places of ancient civilizations such as Mesopotamia and Egypt the other was used in a more sophisticated way by melting it and making bars, generating a way of measuring such as the weight in order to be able to make an exchange.

In the 700s B.C., the concept of valuing products through coins became popular, and transactions were facilitated by giving a metal a rank and value instead of weighing it.

As gold and silver coins (later made of copper and tin) began to be manufactured as a sole source of resources in 500 B.C., business between countries became possible, as these precious metals had a fixed value in all populations, i.e., a single value.

As evidenced today, allowing countries with an economic and developed elevation could own and possess specific goods, and in turn would sell these to other countries that needed them.

The origins of the MBA in trade have not changed.

Until today since the same objective was sought, and since prehistoric times to date there have been changes, but with the same purpose of trade and exchange.

It should be explained that at a certain point in history, every business was a small business or small trade, in which people sold their goods to the inhabitants of the same sector and perhaps to one or another outsider.

Examples of MBA commerce.

A bouquet store or flower shop in a small town or region, which did not expand to any other place even if it was successful and prosperous, remained there generation after generation, but with the first historical advances in the market, this in the twentieth century, begins to create the basis of professionalization or expertise in managing companies, ie the MBA, opening the door to a whole way of doing business, but even at this time and despite its progress.

Only very few businesses prospered, because digital technology was not available to the masses and that is why in the 80s emerged what is called super stores such as taco bell, walmark, being an example of expansion and financial growth of market growth, began to manage processes of self-service , where customers self-solve their needs, saving on costs and employees because their owners were understanding what it meant for humanity and the business world, be an expert, expand the business and save money or better yet, be a Master in Business Administration, ie, have skills or be a Master in Business Administration (MBA).

How the MBA evolved in commerce.

The smaller stores faltered when they saw the arrival of the so-called superstores that would set up in towns or regions far from the capital cities.

With their massive economies of scale and low prices, the megastores or hypermarkets forced a percentage of them to close, going bankrupt for lack of innovation.

However, the other percentage thought why not learn a little more about the operation of these great titans and want to be part of them, is where minorities and smaller businesses have the firm intention to create companies with different optics and visions, more daring, more creative and analyze needs closer to the daily life of human beings, ie began working in the MBA and to know the market and the shortcomings that people had to be unable to access goods and services.

The evolution of the MBA in the 1990s.
In the 1990s, the economy conspired in favor of small retailers, as the emergence of online commerce, i.e. continuous production, began to level the economy, giving an idea of industry, demonstrating once again that professionalizing or being an expert in MBA was, is and will be the path to financial prosperity, from the real.
At the same time, emerged the first services, virtual stores that provided and provide people with all their needs without leaving home such as Amazon, this company is older than we know in the country, changing the way of commoditizing , is the face of e-commerce in the United States and the whole world , including our present time since its advancement in business issues were such that allowed among consumers who took such idea and opened their own online stores in a simple and safe way, so at this time in our history, we can buy online quickly and efficiently, we can pay and buy goods and services without standing in line.
Transactions can be made in real and immediate time, giving time to our personal activities and our growth, so thanks to these advances the world will never be like before, and that is where online investment, MBA and other sources of human evolution in the field of business, will continue to be a real and secure source of managing our finances.
To conclude, a new trend is expanding, which is that large and small companies can market products based on all the needs of human beings from food, clothing and shoes, to being able to get bank loans, pay taxes, cancel services virtually, all these advances we achieve thanks to the development and evolution in the field of business, allowing the financial growth of societies.

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