Kevin Costner is renting out his 160-acre Aspen estate ‘The Dunbar Ranch’ for $36,000 a NIGHT

Actor Kevin Costner is renting his 160-acre Aspen estate in Colorado for a whopping $36,000 a night. The property, known as Dunbar Ranch, named for his Dances With Wolves character Lt. John Dunbar, is described as ‘the ultimate luxury retreat’ and is located minutes from downtown Dunbar. ‘Aspen. The mansion features 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms … Leer más

North Korea condemns US shipment of battle tanks to Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader’s influential sister, has accused the United States of waging a «proxy war» against Russia. The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has condemned the US decision to provide Ukraine with advanced battle tanks to help fight Russian forces, accusing Washington of crossing a «red line» … Leer más

Russian ‘megalomania’ in Ukraine war cited at death camp memorial | news from the world wars

The director of the Auschwitz camp memorial equated Nazi crimes in World War II with Russian forces currently in Ukraine. The director of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp memorial has compared the recent killing of people in Ukraine by Russian forces to similar suffering suffered during World War II. On the 78th anniversary of the … Leer más

M23 rebels take control of Kitshanga in eastern DR Congo | News

Rebels capture the strategic town after days of fierce fighting, drawing condemnation from the UN. M23 rebels have captured the strategic town of Kitshanga in eastern Democratic Republic of Congo after days of fierce fighting, drawing condemnation from the UN. The DRC army on Friday confirmed the withdrawal of its forces, calling it a tactical … Leer más

Janitor sued for $1million after rubbing his penis in co-workers’ water bottles and giving them herpes

Villainous Texas janitor is being sued for $1million after ‘scrubbing his penis inside doctor’s office workers’ water bottles and giving THIRTEEN incurable herpes’ Lucio Diaz, 50, admitted to doing the act claiming he had an ‘illness’ A victim described her heartache at not being able to kiss her babies anymore Diaz was filmed performing a … Leer más

Great white decapitates diver in first fatal shark attack of 2023: report

A 19ft-long great white shark decapitated a diver earlier this month while harvesting shellfish off the coast of Mexico, marking the first fatal shark attack of the year. The horrific tragedy happened on Jan. 5 as Manuel Lopez, 53, collected ax guts – a type of mollusc – off Benito Juárez in Sonora on Mexico’s … Leer más

Koran burned in front of the Danish mosque and the Turkish embassy | News on Islamophobia

An anti-Islam activist burned copies of the Muslim holy book near a mosque in Copenhagen and outside the Turkish embassy in Denmark. Rasmus Paludan, a far-right activist who holds both Danish and Swedish citizenship, had previously infuriated the Turkish government by staging a Koran-burning protest in Sweden on January 21. On Friday, he replicated the … Leer más

Gunman kills at least 7 in attack in East Jerusalem | Israelo-Palestinian conflict

BREAKBREAK, The shooting follows a deadly Israeli raid in the occupied West Bank on Thursday in the Jenin refugee camp in which nine Palestinians were killed. A gunman opened fire and killed at least seven people outside a synagogue in East Jerusalem before being shot, raising fears of a new round of deadly violence between … Leer más

IAEA Reports Explosions Near Zaporizhzhia Plant, Russia Dismisses Allegation | United Nations News

The International Atomic Energy Agency has reported explosions near the Ukrainian nuclear power plant occupied by Russian forces. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported powerful explosions near Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and renewed calls for a safe zone around it. A Russian official quickly dismissed comments from IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, … Leer más

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