TikTok, the “day in the life” of Google employee Nicole Tsai, was fired

The ‘day in the life’ video of a fired Google worker on TikTok has gone viral as she captured her heartbreak after finding out she was one of 12,000 female workers fired by the tech giant earlier this week. Nicole Tsai, a TikTok «vlogger» based in Southern California, breaks down in tears in the video … Leer más

Woman finds she had blood clots in brain and stroke after breakup triggered migraine

A woman has explained how crying after a breakup triggered a migraine that led doctors to discover two blood clots in her brain, saying she had unknowingly had a minor stroke the week before and could have die. Liv, 24, from Texas, shared an abridged version of her shocking story in a now-viral video that … Leer más

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