North Korea condemns US shipment of battle tanks to Ukraine | Russo-Ukrainian War

Kim Yo Jong, the North Korean leader’s influential sister, has accused the United States of waging a «proxy war» against Russia. The influential sister of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un has condemned the US decision to provide Ukraine with advanced battle tanks to help fight Russian forces, accusing Washington of crossing a «red line» … Leer más

Russian ‘megalomania’ in Ukraine war cited at death camp memorial | news from the world wars

The director of the Auschwitz camp memorial equated Nazi crimes in World War II with Russian forces currently in Ukraine. The director of the Auschwitz Nazi death camp memorial has compared the recent killing of people in Ukraine by Russian forces to similar suffering suffered during World War II. On the 78th anniversary of the … Leer más

German parliament officially commemorates LGBTQ victims of Nazi regime for first time

Berlin CNN — On Friday, Germany’s parliament for the first time focused its annual Holocaust commemorations on those persecuted and killed because of their sexual or gender identity during World War II. Activists in Germany worked for decades to establish an official ceremony to commemorate LGBTQ victims persecuted under the Nazi regime. «Today’s hour of … Leer más

Koran burned in front of the Danish mosque and the Turkish embassy | News on Islamophobia

An anti-Islam activist burned copies of the Muslim holy book near a mosque in Copenhagen and outside the Turkish embassy in Denmark. Rasmus Paludan, a far-right activist who holds both Danish and Swedish citizenship, had previously infuriated the Turkish government by staging a Koran-burning protest in Sweden on January 21. On Friday, he replicated the … Leer más

The brutality of Russian Wagner gives him the lead in the war in Ukraine

Fierce battles in eastern Ukraine have cast a new spotlight on Russia’s Wagner Group, a private military company run by a rogue millionaire with longtime ties to Russian President Vladimir Putin. Wagner spearheaded the revival of the stalled Russian offensive in Donetsk province, eastern Ukraine. The fierce house-to-house fighting produced some of the bloodiest encounters … Leer más

Russians react with defiance, anger and concern as a new phase of war looms

Tightly controlled Russian state media reacted angrily to deliveries of Western tanks promised to Ukraine this week – and that anger is shared by some Moscow residents. Ukrainian tanks «will get in the way of our troops,» Sergei told CNN in the Russian capital. “But we will win regardless. It only escalates the conflict,” he … Leer más

Auschwitz anniversary marked as peace shattered by war again

OSWIECIM, Poland (AP) — Auschwitz-Birkenau survivors and other mourners commemorated the 78th anniversary of the liberation of the German Nazi death camp on Friday, with some expressing horror that war had once again shattered the peace in Europe and may the lesson of Never Again be forgotten. The former concentration and extermination camp is located … Leer más

IAEA Reports Explosions Near Zaporizhzhia Plant, Russia Dismisses Allegation | United Nations News

The International Atomic Energy Agency has reported explosions near the Ukrainian nuclear power plant occupied by Russian forces. The International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) has reported powerful explosions near Ukraine’s Russian-occupied Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant and renewed calls for a safe zone around it. A Russian official quickly dismissed comments from IAEA chief Rafael Grossi, … Leer más

Spain. Police raid home of suspect in church machete attacks

ALGECIRAS, Spain (AP) — Spanish police on Thursday raided the home of a young Moroccan detained for the machete attacks on two Catholic churches the night before that left one dead and a priest injured in the southern city of Algeciras. ‘Algeciras. A police investigation led by a National Court judge considers Wednesday’s violence a … Leer más

Israeli airstrikes hit Gaza, escalating fears after Jenin raid | Israelo-Palestinian conflict

Israel launched several airstrikes on the blockaded Gaza Strip a day after Israeli forces killed nine Palestinians – including an elderly woman – in the Jenin refugee camp, marking one of the deadliest raids in the occupied West Bank. the Israeli army for years. Local sources in Gaza told Al Jazeera that Israeli warplanes hit … Leer más

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