Kevin Costner is renting out his 160-acre Aspen estate ‘The Dunbar Ranch’ for $36,000 a NIGHT

Actor Kevin Costner is renting his 160-acre Aspen estate in Colorado for a whopping $36,000 a night. The property, known as Dunbar Ranch, named for his Dances With Wolves character Lt. John Dunbar, is described as ‘the ultimate luxury retreat’ and is located minutes from downtown Dunbar. ‘Aspen. The mansion features 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms … Leer más

Jennifer Lopez Reveals ‘Scary’ Near-Death Experience That Happened While Filming Shotgun Wedding

Jennifer Lopez shares a scary situation that happened while filming her new movie Shotgun Wedding in the Dominican Republic. While promoting the rom-com with six of her co-stars, including on-screen love interest Josh Duhamel, Lopez admitted to having a near-death experience when she nearly stepped off a cliff. Turns out Duhamel, who was in the … Leer más

Janitor sued for $1million after rubbing his penis in co-workers’ water bottles and giving them herpes

Villainous Texas janitor is being sued for $1million after ‘scrubbing his penis inside doctor’s office workers’ water bottles and giving THIRTEEN incurable herpes’ Lucio Diaz, 50, admitted to doing the act claiming he had an ‘illness’ A victim described her heartache at not being able to kiss her babies anymore Diaz was filmed performing a … Leer más

E-cigarettes cause MORE lung inflammation than regular cigarettes

Vape users suffer more lung inflammation than people who smoke regular cigarettes, study finds. Researchers from the University of Pennsylvania say electronic devices cause «unique» damage to the lungs that is not yet fully understood. The study is the latest evidence to underscore how vaping is not the safe quitting method it was originally touted … Leer más

Mum Sarah O’Brien was diagnosed with skin cancer after driving without wearing sunscreen

A 37-year-old mum has opened up about the horrific moment doctors told her the ‘annoying pimple’ on her temple was actually cancer. Sydney’s mother, Sarah O’Brien, dismissed the growth above her right eye as a stain before going to a clinic to have it removed despite it still being there two months later. «Every time … Leer más

Harry Styles left red-faced as he split his pants in front of childhood crush Jennifer Aniston

«I promise it’s not part of the show!» Harry Styles remains red-faced as he splits his pants in front of childhood crush Jennifer Aniston at concert in LA By Sean O’grady for Mailonline Published: 09:03 EST, 27 January 2023 | Updated: 10:32 AM EST, 27 January 2023 Harry Styles was left red-faced after splitting his … Leer más

Spielberg draws on his childhood and deserves his Oscars: BRIAN VINER criticizes The Fabelmans

The Fabelmans (12A, 151 mins) Verdict: full of heart Rating: **** Steven Spielberg’s cinematic love letter to his parents, to the art of filmmaking and, frankly, to himself, is coming to the big screen, endorsed by a string of Oscar nominations. They are well deserved. The Fabelmans is imbued with warmth, tenderness and charm, while … Leer más

Woman finds she had blood clots in brain and stroke after breakup triggered migraine

A woman has explained how crying after a breakup triggered a migraine that led doctors to discover two blood clots in her brain, saying she had unknowingly had a minor stroke the week before and could have die. Liv, 24, from Texas, shared an abridged version of her shocking story in a now-viral video that … Leer más

Shemar Moore opens up about being turned down by Alicia Keys after he asked her out

Shemar Moore recalls being turned down by Alicia Keys after asking him out on a date during an appearance on The Jennifer Hudson Show…days after becoming a father for the first time By Sam Joseph Semon for Published: 11:49 PM EST, 26 January 2023 | Updated: 01:03 EST, 27 January 2023 Shemar Moore recalls … Leer más

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