Regulation in the International FOREX market

Regulation in the International FOREX market : Forex trading has a very strong control therefore brokers are directed and guided by more than one regulatory authority. This means that even though it is a decentralized market, the Forex market is the safest market to trade in. Therefore, the brokers that are truly regulated are the ones to which all the requirements apply.

How can I invest in Forex

Never let Forex currency trading scare you. Rather, remember that success on the Forex platform develops from good and thorough training accompanied by lots of practice on demo (risk-free).
The best news we can give you today is that we are with you!
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How much is a lot in Forex?

A standard Forex lot can contain 100,000 units of the base currency.

How much is a mini lot in Forex?

A mini lot in Forex is 10,000 units of the base currency.

What is scalping and how does it work?

Scalping is also known as coquick trading, which means that it is a variant of day-trading, or a form of very short-term trading. What it seeks is to acquire small profits in very short time trades. In some moments, trades occur in seconds.

How to do Copy Trade in Forex?

First do a preliminary research of the market. Second find a social trading forum. Copy all the trades you want on the trading platform and then open a safe trade, keeping in mind that you must develop stops with all necessary limits to manage your own risk. Also monitor so that you can finally close your position.

What is Admiral Markets?
Admiral Markets is a Broker with a worldwide presence monitored and managed by the highest financial authorities in the world. To provide access to the most revolutionary trading platforms. We trade CFDs, and ETFS stocks.
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Admiral Markets

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