Nikki Says I Do LIVE – WWE Star’s Fans Criticize John Cena References After Bella Twins Sister’s Wedding Dress Bombshell

NIKKI Bella Says I Do premiered Thursday night and fans are reacting to the explosive news about her wedding dress.

Nikki has revealed that she will be wearing an old wedding dress she bought when she was engaged to John Cena for her wedding to Artem Chigvinstev.

WWE fans are defending Nikki amid comments directed at her past relationship.

One fan tweeted a photo of his marriage proposal to Cena and said, «Hope this wedding is just as successful as your wedding to John Cena.»

However, many fans are rising above the hate and encouraging the public to let go of their relationship with Cena.

One viewer tweeted, «always people mention John when he’s already married to someone else as moving on, people really act like they’re in the relationship with them.»

Another agreed, «they have to let this relationship go, they’re always disrespectful every time they post anything about the twins.»

Nikki Bella Says Yes airs Thursdays on E! at 9 p.m. ET.

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  • Nikki and Artem’s love story

    Artem and Nikki first met when they teamed up on DWTS in 2017.

    However, at the time, Nikki was still engaged to WWE legend John Cena.

    They called it just weeks before their 2018 wedding and Nikki and Artem started dating a year later.

    Nikki and Artem then announced their engagement in January 2020, after popping the question before November in France.

    That same month, the couple also announced that they were expecting their first child together – Matteo was born on July 31, 2020.

    The two then married in Paris on August 26, 2022.

  • Fans are thrilled with Nikki’s pole dancing

    A teaser clip for new episodes of Nikki Bella says I’m showing girls pole dancing for Nikki’s bachelorette party.

    One viewer tweeted, «I’m so excited for Nikki’s @BellaTwins pole dance!!! she’s about to kill him.»

    Another tweeted photos of Nikki pole dancing and added, «Can’t wait to see the next episode.»

  • Fans love seeing Hilary and Nikki on WWHL

    Thursday night, Bella Twins’ content was jam-packed as Nikki and Brie were guests on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen following the premiere of Nikki Bella Says I Do.

    One fan even took to Twitter, «The way my childhood crush @HilaryDuff is sitting right next to my favorite Nikki @BellaTwins!

    Surrealist. I love #WWHL#NikkiBellaSaysIDo what a night on TV.»

  • Nikki Bella appears on WWHL

    Nikki Bella appeared on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen on Thursday night.

    The WWE diva was featured on the show alongside Hilary Duff.

    The unlikely duo played Come Clean Queen, a game where Andy had to guess whether the secret belonged to Nikki or Hilary.

    Brie was also featured on the show as a bartender.

  • Fans send their support to the couple

    Fans are sending support to Nikki Bella and congratulating her on her wedding journey.

    One fan tweeted, «It’s so amazing and beautiful to see your love story turn into a dream wedding. So grateful you let us be a part of it.»

    Another added, «We love you and artem.»

  • Nikki thanks fans for listening to the premiere

    Nikki took to Twitter to thank fans for tuning in to the premiere of Nikki Bella Says I Do.

  • What «past relationship» did Nikki refer to on the show?

    For those who watched the recent episode of Nikki Says I Do, you might have noticed that she mentions a «past relationship.»

    The show revealed that Nikki will be wearing an old wedding dress she bought while engaged to John Cena.

    When she mentioned the idea to Artem, he assured her that he just wanted her to be happy in her dress.

  • Next time on Nikki Says I Do

    The next episode of Nikki Says I Do airs Feb. 2 at 9 p.m. on E!

    It will explore Nikki and Brie’s search for the perfect place and Artem’s journey to get his parents there in time from Russia.

  • Flee to Paris with me?

    Nikki and Artem decided to get married in Paris instead of Napa.

    Artem proposed in France, Nikki loves French culture, and her parents are more likely to arrive in France than in the United States.

  • The girls board the wine train

    The girls board a wine train for Nikki’s bridal shower.

    Nikki thanked everyone who came out to support her and revealed to the women that she had her doubts about her marriage to Napa.

    Nikki, Brie and her mother discussed the possibility of going to Paris for the wedding instead.

  • Artem feels ‘hopeless’

    Artem broke down at dinner with Nikki while talking about his parents.

    He told Nikki he felt «desperate».

  • Nikki and Artem have a one-on-one

    Nikki and Artem sat down at a restaurant to discuss their thoughts on marriage.

    They confide in how the wedding planning is not going well.

    Artem revealed that there was no way for his parents to get to the United States from Russia in time and he is disappointed that they are missing his wedding.

    He also explained that his parents had never met his son before and if they never did, he would be «devastated».

  • Artem and Gleb talk about their parents

    Artem and Gleb’s parents live in Russia, which has been difficult for both of them.

    Due to the conflict in Russia, Artem’s parents will not be able to attend the wedding.

  • Artem has chosen his witness!

    Artem asked his close friend and former DWTS Gleb Savchenko to be his best man.

    The two also choreograph and rehearse Artem’s first dance with Nicole.

  • Brie’s bridal shower is in the works

    Brie decided to hold the bridal shower on a wine train through Napa Valley.

    She throws a last-minute party for her sister.

  • Rejection after rejection

    Nikki called several locations to see if there was availability for her desired date.

    Nikki, Brie, and Artem deliberate on having the wedding indoors instead.

    They admitted it was not what they imagined.

  • Nikki’s mother has reservations

    Nikki called her mother on the phone to reveal the news.

    Although she was excited for Nikki and Artem, she added «there’s no way» she can do it in four weeks.

  • Nikki has a shocking «something old»

    Nikki revealed to Brie that her «something old» is her old wedding dress.

    She planned to wear the dress for a previous relationship and wants to wear it again.

    Although Brie was initially hesitant about the decision, she came back after Nikki tried it on for her.

  • The twins visit a castle

    The twins began their wedding planning by visiting a castle in Napa Valley.

    Even though Nikki fell in love with the space, their guide warned that it was booked until Labor Day.

  • Artem is not afraid

    Artem revealed in a confessional that he had «no fears» about Nikki and Brie planning the wedding.

    Nikki and Brie hit the road to find a location.

    When Nikki told Brie that the sites don’t know her schedule, she replied, «Well, that will be uncomfortable.»

  • ‘There’s no way’

    Nikki revealed to her twin sister Brie that she will be getting married in four weeks.

    Brie was clearly hesitant about the timeline and replied, «there’s no way.»

    Brie’s husband, Bryan, agreed that «four weeks is not enough time.»

  • Nikki tells Brie

    Nikki finally told Brie that she planned to marry Artem in four weeks.

    She revealed in her confessional that she was nervous about breaking the news to her twin.

    Brie seemed excited about the wedding but feared it could be planned so quickly.

  • Nikki and Artem talk about their parents

    Nikki and Artem shared their parents’ personal struggles.

    Nikki’s mother was diagnosed with Bell’s Palsy and underwent brain surgery.

    Artem’s parents are in Russia and could not visit them due to the conflict with Ukraine.

  • Buddy and Matteo were born in a few days

    Nikki shared that her son and her sister Brie’s son were born very close to each other.

    The twins refer to their sons as «spirit twins» and are confident they will spend their lives as best friends.

  • How the two met

    Nikki and Artem met when they were a couple on Dancing With The Stars.

    Their chemistry on the show carried over into real life, and they started dating in 2019.

    After having a son together and going through the pandemic, they finally decided to get married.

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