Live Updates From Iowa vs. Penn State Wrestling Dual Between Top NCAA Teams

Follow the biggest showdown of the year as the second-ranked Iowa Hawkeyes take on the top-ranked Penn State Nittany Lions at State College, Pennsylvania.

Iowa vs. Penn State Projected Lineups

125: #1 Spencer Lee (Iowa) technical drops Marco Vespa (Penn State) 18-2

First half: Vespa with a quick whistle and scores on a low single but Lee gets a knockdown to tie the score, 2-2. Lee gets a four-point tilt with 2:04 remaining in the period for a 6-2 lead. Lee gets another four-point tally with 1:23 to take a 10-2 lead. Lee recovers another four-point near drop on a tilt with 1:03 remaining, then another four-point tilt for an 18-2 technical drop.

Iowa 5, Pennsylvania 0

First period: No score halfway through the period. RBY scores on a single near the rim for a 2-0 lead with 33 seconds left. RBY comes out though Teske is up. RBY leads, 2-0.

Second period: Teske starts at the bottom. Teske escapes with 1:17 to play to halve the lead. RBY scores on a brace late in the period for a 4-1 lead at the end of the period.

Third period: Bravo-Young chooses neutral. Bravo-Young scores on a single but Teske immediately escapes for a 6-2 lead. A second stall call against Teske gives RBY a 7-2 lead. RBY gets a cradle close to a shot from Teske for a pinfall with 10 seconds left.

Penn State 6, Iowa 5

First half: Woods hits a low shot but is blocked by Bartlett then an attempted header from Bartlett out of bounds and back to neutral. Excellent first 20 seconds of action. Still 0-0. Woods hits a single and stays persistent and scores for a 2-0 lead midway through the period. Woods ends the period with a 2-0 lead.

Second period: Bartlett starts at the bottom and escapes immediately but Woods still leads, 2-1. No score the rest of the period.

Third period: Woods starts down and Bartlett lets Woods go for a 3-1 lead. in favor of Woods. Bartlett makes a few goal attempts in the closing seconds but Woods wins 4-1 with driving time.

Iowa 8, Pennsylvania State 6

First period: Van Ness hits a slide one minute from the end but Murin counters. Still no score. Murin singles but Van Ness passes and still no score.

Second period: Van Ness goes down and Murin commits to rolling. Van Ness gets up, drops his hips and slips away for a 1-0 lead.

Third period: Murin chooses the bottom. Murin gets a breakout to tie the score 1-1 but still has some driving time. Murin hits a double down with 35 seconds left for a 3-1 lead. Murin was hit by a late stall call, but that didn’t matter. Murin wins 4-1 with driving time.

Iowa 11, Penn State 6

First period: Haines on a low single but a deadlock is called with 30 seconds left. Haines on another shot but Siebrecht passes and a potentially dangerous call. No score.

Second period: Haines takes the bottom and escapes after a heart-pounding flurry for a 1-0 lead. No goal the rest of the period after a great scramble to start the period.

Third period: Siebrecht goes down and escapes in seven seconds to level the score, 1-1. Haines scores a high crotch out for a single for a 3-1 lead. Siebrecht escapes seconds later and trails at one. Siebrecht attempts to get into throwing position but pushes Haines out of bounds. Haines is on a shot at the end of the period, but no goal has been scored. Haines wins, 3-2.

Iowa 11, Penn State 9

First half: No goals halfway through the period. No goal in the first period.

Second period: Kennedy starts at the bottom and escapes in five seconds. Facundo attempts a duck under but flies over Kennedy. Kennedy still leads, 1-0, at the end of the period.

Third period: Facundo goes down and escapes in 13 seconds to tie the score, 1-1. No score the rest of the period.

Sudden win: Kennedy singles in the first 30 seconds but called a stalemate with 1:07 remaining. Kennedy has a crib locked up after a shot, but it’s called a stalemate after Facundo breaks free. No score.

Tiebreaker: Kennedy out in four seconds during his 30 seconds. Facundo chooses neutral for his 30 second period. Facundo attempted a firefighter/high crotch, Kennedy dropped her hips and Kennedy won 2-1.

Iowa 14, Pennsylvania State 9

First half: No goal.

Second period: Starocci takes the bottom and escapes in 19 seconds. No score for the rest of the period, but Brands received a late stall warning.

Third period: Brands chooses the bottom. Starrocci hits one minute of drive time with 41 seconds left. Brands gets a breakout with 30 seconds left to tie the score 1-1. Starocci wins 2-1 with driving time.

Iowa 14, Pennsylvania State 12

184: Drake Rhodes (Iowa) vs #1 Aaron Brooks (Penn State)

First period: Brooks doubles to start the period for a 2-0 lead but an immediate breakout makes it 2-1. Another double makes it 4-1 and the breakout makes it 4-2. An ankle pick makes 6-2. A tilt from Brooks with 45 seconds left makes it 10-2.

197: 10 Jacob Warner (Iowa) vs #2 Max Dean (Penn State)

285: #3 Anthony Cassioppi (Iowa) vs. #2 Greg Kerkvliet (Penn State)

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