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A fired Google employee reveals the

Sunder Pichai pointed out that the cuts were made after careful consideration.

A former Google employee has documented the moment she learned she had been fired by the tech giant. In a video uploaded to YouTube and TikTok, Nicole Tsai, who was a program manager at Google, revealed that she realized she had been fired when she woke up to a «worrying» text from her boss and found his access to the company. properties had been cut off.

«I rushed downstairs to find that I had lost access to just about everything. I couldn’t log into my emails or even check my calendar,» Ms Tsai said in the YouTube video titled ‘The day in my life I got fired at Google’. «I called my boss back and we just sobbed on the phone because she also found out about my layoff for the first time today,» she added.

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The former Google employee said she spends most of her day crying and scrolling through LinkedIn to learn about other employees who have also been affected by the layoffs. She said she started getting calls from co-workers and found out who else had been fired.

«I think the worst part is that it seems like no one was consulted on this decision, and everyone was finding out about the layoffs at the same time. It felt like a really bad game of Russian roulette,» said Ms. Tsai in the video. «There was no consistency around who got fired. It wasn’t performance-based either, so it was really hit-and-miss,» she added.

At the end of her video, Ms Tsai also said she felt «so tired of being sad» that she decided to visit Disneyland to cheer herself up. She also said she wasn’t sure what she would do next.

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Meanwhile, according to her LinkedIn page, Ms Tsai had worked at Google since July 2021. In her post, she said she was «completely caught off guard» after finding out she was being made redundant, but added that » there’s some comfort in knowing I’m not the only one.»

Google announced last week that it was laying off 12,000 employees. Some staff members realized they had lost their jobs when they were unable to access the systems. Chief Executive Officer (CEO) Sunder Pichai stressed that the cuts were made after careful consideration. He also said Google will «support» employees as they seek other opportunities.


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