Flybe placed under administration and all operations ceased


Flybe’s failure comes less than a year after it began operations.

On January 27, British regional carrier Flybe announced that it had entered administration and would cease operations, less than a year after the start of flight services. All previously scheduled and future flight services have since been cancelled, and the airline stressed in its announcement that they will not be rescheduled.

Flybe is collapsing again

Sadly, this Flybe collapse marks the carrier’s second downfall, having first collapsed in March 2020. Flybe was among the first airlines to fail when the pandemic first emerged, although its problems started long before that.

Flybe Dash 8


Photo: Flybe

Under administration in 2020, the sale of Flybe was then finalized and the airline was to be reincarnated as Flybe Limited under new owners. While originally slated to resurrect with a 2021 relaunch, the new Flybe finally began flying services in April last year. It intended to serve 16 airports in the UK, France and the Netherlands during the summer season.

It appears that the stimulus efforts have not been enough to ensure Flybe continues to fly after being re-entered into administration today. Hundreds of passengers will be affected and many employees’ jobs will again be threatened. Paul Smith, Director of Consumers at the UK Civil Aviation Authority, said:

“It is always sad to see an airline go into administration, and we know that Flybe’s decision to cease operations will be upsetting for all of its employees and customers. We urge passengers planning to fly this airline not to travel to the airport as all Flybe flights are canceled For the latest advice, Flybe customers should visit the Civil Aviation Authority website or our Twitter feed for more information»

Another breach in the UK regional aviation sector

Once Europe’s largest regional airline, it was hoped that the new Flybe would become an equally successful carrier. Operating from Belfast City, Birmingham and London Heathrow to airports across the UK and to Amsterdam and Geneva, the new airline has never quite filled its predecessor’s shoes, and now it never will.

For many passengers, Flybe’s city routes, such as Cornwall Newquay Airport to London Heathrow, were lifelines. And just weeks before, the regional carrier announced its summer schedule for this year, highlighting the launch of two new destinations and the revival of popular vacation favorites from the past. But with the final collapse of the repeated Flybe, the UK’s regional aviation industry will once again suffer a loss.

What do you think of Flybe’s collapse? Do you think there will be a Flybe 3.0? Let us know in the comments below.

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