Eric Bieniemy on Patrick Mahomes’ recovery: I want whatever it takes

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Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy wants to bottle up everything that made quarterback Patrick Mahomes go all out on the practice field just days after he sprained his ankle.

Asked about the main reason for Mahomes’ quick recovery, Bieniemy replied, «I have no idea, but I want whatever it takes.»

Bieniemy hailed Mahomes’ competitive nature as something that sets him apart.

«He’s just a competitive person, he’s a competitive player,» Bieniemy said. “It’s the gut courage that’s in him. He just refuses to accept that he’s not going to put himself out there to be with his teammates. You like it about him. Last week was a unique and difficult situation in many ways because obviously you always want to make sure the player is okay, but more importantly you also know that he can give you the best chance to win.

Until we see Mahomes on the pitch on Sunday, we don’t know precisely how far he is in his recovery from that ankle injury, but by all accounts he’s going to be able to play and play well.

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