BuzzFeed will use AI to ‘enhance’ its content and quizzes – report | BuzzFeed

BuzzFeed plans to use artificial intelligence to personalize and improve its quizzes and online content, the company told employees this week.

Jonah Peretti, the chief executive, announced the efforts in an internal memo.

«In 2023, you’ll see AI-inspired content move from an R&D stage to part of our core business, enhancing the quiz experience, informing our brainstorming, and personalizing our content for our audience,» he said. -he declares.

The company, according to information from the Wall Street Journal, will use technology from artificial intelligence company OpenAI for its content. The company is also behind ChatGPT, a language model chatbot launched in November 2022 that has largely gained popularity for its ability to replicate human communication.

BuzzFeed isn’t the first journalism platform to use artificial intelligence. Tech website CNET reportedly used an artificial intelligence tool to generate articles which are then analyzed by human editors to check for accuracy before publication. The platform said last week that the program had some limitations, as more than half of the stories generated by the AI ​​tools had to be edited for errors.

The rise of readily available artificial intelligence has introduced a number of ethical dilemmas. ChatGPT has been used without permission by students in classrooms and in a controlled study was reportedly able to pass exams at several universities. Many have questioned whether the technology could replace human jobs, a debate bolstered by its use in journalistic institutions.

The news sent BuzzFeed shares up 157% to $2.45 and was on course for its busiest session. Shares were trading around 50% earlier in the day after a separate Journal report said Meta was paying BuzzFeed millions of dollars to bring more creators to Facebook and Instagram.

The deal, struck last year, was valued at nearly $10 million and BuzzFeed will help generate content for Meta platforms and train creators to grow their online presence, according to the report, citing sources. people familiar with the situation.

The company said last month it would cut about 12% of its workforce to control costs.

Reuters contributed to this report

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