Gwendoline Christie Says ‘Wednesday’ Costume Designer Made Her Look ‘Gorgeous’ Body

Gwendoline Christie as Larissa Weems in Netflix’s «Wednesday.»netflix Ex-‘Game of Thrones’ star Gwendoline Christie was thrilled to play something opposite of Brienne. Her character in Netflix’s «Wednesday» was conceived as a subversion of a «Hitchcock heroine.» Christie told Vogue in an interview that costume designer Colleen Atwood made her feel «celebrated.» ‘Game of Thrones’ star … Leer más

La capitalización total del mercado criptográfico supera los $ 1,000,000, y los datos sugieren que hay más ventajas en la tienda

    A pesar del reciente flujo negativo de noticias criptográficas y macro, la capitalización total del mercado de criptomonedas superó $ 1 billón el 21 de enero. Una señal alentadora es que las métricas de derivados no muestran una mayor demanda de los operadores bajistas en este momento. Capitalización total del mercado criptográfico en … Leer más

Ukraine to summon Hungarian envoy over Orban’s ‘unacceptable’ remarks

Jan 27 (Reuters) – Ukraine’s foreign ministry will summon Hungary’s ambassador to complain about «completely unacceptable» comments Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban made about Ukraine, Kyiv announced on Friday. The announcement marks a new low in ties between the two neighbours. Hungary has repeatedly criticized European Union sanctions against Russia, saying they have failed to … Leer más

Few women know how breast density, which is a higher risk factor for cancer, influences it, new study

Stay ahead of the fashion trend and beyond with our free weekly newsletter Lifestyle Edit with the first major cancer risk factor, with recent studies Dense breast tissue has an up to four times higher risk of developing breast cancer. However, a new study has shown that many women are unaware of the risks of … Leer más

The Netherlands and Japan join the United States in restricting chip exports to China

Japan and the Netherlands will limit exports of chipmaking tools to China after reaching an agreement with the United States aimed at making it harder for the Chinese military to develop advanced weapons. Several people familiar with the trilateral agreement said the countries reached an agreement on Friday after a final round of high-level talks … Leer más

Greek Prime Minister survives confidence vote but wiretapping scandal brews | Greece

Greek Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis survived a no-confidence vote over a wiretapping scandal that shocked the nation and sparked growing concern within the EU. After three days of heated debate, the motion of censure was rejected on Friday by 156 votes against 143 in the Chamber of Deputies, which has 300 seats. With passions fueled … Leer más

Towards a better management of disinhibition in frontotemporal dementia

  Resumen: Las personas con demencia frontotemporal variante conductual (bvFTD) exhiben comportamientos considerados socialmente inaceptables. Aunque actualmente no existe una cura para la DFT, los investigadores están encontrando métodos para ayudar a inhibir algunos de los comportamientos negativos asociados con la DFT. Un nuevo estudio informa que la impulsividad y los comportamientos negativos se reducen … Leer más

Kevin Costner is renting out his 160-acre Aspen estate ‘The Dunbar Ranch’ for $36,000 a NIGHT

Actor Kevin Costner is renting his 160-acre Aspen estate in Colorado for a whopping $36,000 a night. The property, known as Dunbar Ranch, named for his Dances With Wolves character Lt. John Dunbar, is described as ‘the ultimate luxury retreat’ and is located minutes from downtown Dunbar. ‘Aspen. The mansion features 12 bedrooms, eight bathrooms … Leer más

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